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The events described in this article are considered non-canon to the main series.
An Enchanted Eve
Season N/A, Episode N/A
An Enchanted Eve
First Aired December 25, 2016
Writer(s) Ids5621
"Jevik? Pt 3"

An Enchanted Eve is a special episode of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals. It is the only completed episode released in 2016. It is the seventh Christmas special for the series, and the first to be non-canon.

Because of its exploration of the themes of death, and explaining how it works, muddying the fates of characters of Tilex and Degrin, Ids5621 later confirmed this to be non-canon.


This episode was an unplanned release in order to not break the show's annual Christmas themed release tradition. It was not animated, and the first episode created with this style in mind (Jevik? Pt 3 used this technique in parts, but this was not planned and used for completion reasons).

It was released amidst the fragmented release of Jevik? Pt 3.

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  • This the only episode made for 2016, as Jevik? Pt 3 was never finished.
    • Since the clips from Jevik? Pt 3 began releasing before this episode was released, it is the first episode to be produced after the second season.
  • This is the first Christmas special to be non-canon.
  • This is Ids's least favorite Chrismas special.
  • It uses the same non-animated style as parts of Jevik? Pt 3. It utilises both still-frames as well as some live-action.