Dericks is a Matoran character in The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals. He had a son.


Dericks appeared to care for his son, comforting him when he was crying over Katron's purchase of the last Jevi.


He told his son not to cry compassionately because Katron bought the last Jevi toy.

Dericks' SonEdit

Dericks' Son is Dericks' son. He was crying after Katron had bought the last Jevi during A Very Katron Christmas, and his father told him not to cry. After Katron gave him his Jevi, he discovered that it was the last one, causing Katron to kill the young Matoran. He was voiced by CallanLoF.


  • A very similar character named Gyvux appeared in An Enchanted Eve. He could be considered a non-canon version.

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