Episode 1 / Pilot
Season 1, Episode 2
First Aired November 16, 2010
Writer(s) Ids5621
Episode 1, also known as Pilot, is the second episode of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals, and considered to be the first actual episode of the series.

Episode SynopsisEdit

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The episode begins with Pyrex and Jevik lounging around in Onipex's apartment. Pyrex is admiring himself in the mirror, whilst Jevik is watching TV whilst eating. Onipex arrives after, "a hard day's work", and is angered to see them there. After receiving various bogus excuses, he proceeds to kick them out. Jevik, however, doesn't leave, reminding Onipex that he is actually his best friend, and that he clogged his toilet. After having a fit of anger, Onipex realizes there is a strange smell in the air. He opens his fridge and is met with a horrendous stench and a swarm of flies. Jevik explains he unplugged his fridge in order to use a hand warmer, before admitting that he had damaged his thermostat. Onipex decides to set out to buy new food, before being told that the fridge itself was also damaged. Leaving in hurry, being followed by Jevik, he ventures out to buy a new fridge.


Major CharactersEdit

Voice ActorsEdit


  • Ids5621 was originally displeased with his voice acting for the character, Jevik, yet kept it for continuity purposes.
  • The episode was made in two locations, as Ids5621 was moving house at the time. The set of Onipex's Apartment had to be deconstructed, then reconstructed halfway through production.


  • Onipex comments in Replacement that he remembers Pyrex breaking into his apartment "...a couple of months ago." This sets a time frame between the two episodes. As this is Onipex's only recollection of the matoran, it probably means this was the first time they had met.
  • Pyrex claims that he would be back to visit Onipex's mirror soon, though it takes him a full 16 episodes to finally return to it.


  • A bowl on the table disappears halfway through the episode. This was a reconstruction error caused when Ids5621 rebuilt the set halfway through production.
  • This is the only episode so far to feature a "to be continued" message. The episode itself is never directly continued. This was, however, initially planned. This is also the reason why Christmas/Snow has the sub-title short on its title card.