"Exterminator" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced by ids5621 as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

SAM 5411

The "exterminator" is an unknown being that Jevik accidentally calls in Rahi. Although Jevik was calling for an exterminator, it was never actually revealed whether or not he got one, as it's implied that the exterminator isn't actually an exterminator.


Not much is known about his personality, though he was not a fan of being called on the phone.


Nothing is known about the exterminator before he was called by Jevik on the phone in "Rahi", though he was clearly angered and began shouting gibberish towards Jevik, causing the latter to hang up on him. He was called because Jevik and Onipex wanted an exterminator to get rid of the rahi in Onipex's apartment. Because of his confusion to being called, it's implied that he wasn't actually an exterminator.


Appearances for Exterminator
  • Season 1
    • "Rahi" (debut; voice only) Episodeicon


  • Although Jevik states that he, " shouting Spanish...", he clearly is not.
  • Even though he is speaking a strange language, he answers the phone with English.