Gairon is a hoverboarding champion hailing from New Tehktra, with a large following thanks to his humanitarian efforts. He was the most recent contender for the Crystal Cup, though lost to his rival, Aliki.


Gairon is relatively nice to everyone he meets. He had no problem helping out his rival, Aliki, and had plenty of muffin baskets to give away as gifts.  Gairon is also known for being very heroic, as he saved many children from a deadly fire in an orphanage.


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WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.

The PublicEdit

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Gairon being interviewed by Espee after rescuing children from a burning orphanage

Gairon, being a rising star like Aliki was, caught the public's attention, and the matoran was the favorite to win the Crystal Cup. His attitude and good sportsmanship made him likable, and his services to the city (such as opening children's hospitals, saving orphans, etc) were definitely commendable.


Aliki hates Gairon, and everything he does, despite his good demeanor and sportsmanship. In spite of this, Gairon still treats Aliki's respectfully, assisting him in getting a sponsor out of his own good-will.


Gairon was kind and helpful to Myto when the two met, perhaps even going overboard. Regardless, his good-will left a lasting mark on Myto; the Matoran deeming him "awesome." Meeting Gairon also made Myto rethink his opinion of Aliki.


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