Grubway in Subparway
Residents Patrons
Use Food and Drink
Status Intact

Grubway is an eating establishment in New Tehktra.


While watching his sandwich being made, Imutii noticed that the employee making it had made a mistake and began to yell at the employee. Onipex, impatiently waiting to order his own food, yelled at Imutii to hurry up. This caused Imutii to react violently by pulling out a gun and shooting Onipex in the shoulder, which caused him to scream in pain and disappear. Imutii then began to threaten the employee who messed up his order. Because of this, Jodol, an officer for the Tehktra Police Department, pulled out his own gun and told Imutii to put down his. Despite complying, Jodol shot him anyway after Imutii insulted him. Jodol then began ordering to the terrified employee.




  • Grubway is a parody of Subway.

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