Aliki and Gairon's boardsTwo Hoverboards
User(s) Hoverboarders
Functionality Flight, Recreation, Sport
Status In use

Hoverboarding is a major league sport in New Tehktra, and is watched by millions. There are various magazines produced for the sport, the major one being, "The Board". The current champion is Aliki, his predecessor being Moa, holding the Crystal Cup.

The sport is also played recreationally, though due to the expensive price of a hoverboard, their use is not so widespread.

Gameplay Edit

Several players race against each others through several checkpoints to get to a finishing point. At each checkpoint they must jump through a sensor loaded arches (sensors to auotmatically and accurately keep score) and land on their board on the other side. The players must also try to knock their opponents off their board using a special jousting spear. The spear is only allowed to touch the player's torso but can also touch their spear and board. A defensive shield is also permitted during gameplay. It can also be played in teams, though the major matches are mainly one on one.

One of the conditions for eligibility to compete at a major level is a sponsor.

The Crystal CupEdit

The greatest award of hoverboarding is the Crystal Cup and whoever is in posession of it is automatically crowned chapion of hoverboarding. Aliki currently owns this trophy.

Known playersEdit

Appearances Edit

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