Jevik's Apartment (The Tehktra Plaza)
SAM 7864
Jevik and Jessaco in the unfurnished apartment as seen in Duel
Residents Unknown
Use Residence
Status Intact

Apartment 2F was Jevik's place of residence within The Tehktra Plaza for a brief amount of time. This apartment was purchased with the share of the money Jevik received following the events of Aliki. He later sells it during the events of Jevik?, with it being mentioned in Jevik? Pt 3 that he sold it.


When the apartment was seen in Duel, Jevik had just purchased it, so it was unfurnished. It is unknown what room was seen in the episode, though it was probably a living room area.


Trivia Edit

  • As seen in Jevik?, the apartment number is 2F.