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The events described in this article are considered non-canon to the main series.
Jevik? Pt 2
Season 2, Episode Planned to be 9
SAM 1052
First Aired N/A
Writer(s) Ids5621
"Jevik? Pt 2"
The original concept for "Jevik? Pt 2" had a long and interesting development before it was scrapped in favor of the episode that aired. It included a completely different story that would have changed the outcome of "Jevik? Pt 3".

Episode SynopsisEdit

Jevik and Pyrex arrive in Agrav to find out that Jevik has become a pseudo-celebrity from the video they made in "The Camera Pt 4", which has gone viral in the town. A large media corporation with ulterior motives approach the two and showers them with wealth in order to convince them to sign on with their company. They are given an assistant, Leresh who ends up befriending the two.

Throughout the plot, Leresh attempts to hint at the two to leave Agrav while they still can (without revealing the reasons why), and the company starts to use Jevik's public persona for shady practices and to push certain agendas unto the public. During the course of the episode, friction begins to develop between the company, particularly the CEO of the company, Poa, and Leresh.

Planned CharactersEdit




  • This episode was partially written, and had actually begun filming before Ids5621 decided to change the episode's plot entirely.
  • Most of this episode's contents are considered lost media.