KC (pronounced Casey) is a Matoran character. He was meant to debut in the cancelled episode, Job, as an annoying co-worker, but later appeared in Intruder and The Package.


His character is rather disjointed. In Intruder, while he did not express his traits so to speak, he seemed lax and did trespass into Onipex's Apartment.

In The Package, he was cast as a rude, inattentive mailman.


KC first appears when he intrudes into Onipex's apartment. He goes into his bedroom and sleeps on his bed, until Jevik sits on him, telling him to "eat balls" while he appears to be tea bagging KC. KC then appears to obey Jevik's rhetorical request, making Jevik swear very loudly.

Sometime later, he gained the occupation of a mailman, and was sent to deliver a 12 pack of Diet Cola to Jevik. During the encounter he was rude and inattentive, and after the delivery was done, he ran away, possibly weary of the consequences.

Regardless, he was killed by Magneon as he was seeking out the Cola package.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.


The character has made two minor interactions with Jevik. On their first encounter KC injured Jevik after he tea-bagged him for breaking into Onipex's Apartment. As a mailman, KC showed no interest in Jevik's conversation.

KC has not made any significant relations with any other of the characters in the series.


Appearances for KC


  • He has inverted colors on his legs, similar to Onipex's arms. However his legs are switched in The Package.
  • He is the first character to have two different voice actors, being voiced by ChickenBond2 in The Package. ChickenBond2 did not reprise his role in Jevik? Pt 3, with it going back to Ids5621.