Krone's Apartment
SAM 2292
Krone's Apartment as seen in Bully
Residents Krone
Use Residence
Status Intact

Apartment 10E is Krone's place of residence within The Tehktra Plaza that first appeared in Zombie.



Degrin's Son in Krone's Bathtub.

The living area/kitchen has been shown in the series. Notable features include: a fridge, a worktop, a table, a sofa, and a window. Krone's bedroom and bathroom were both shown briefly in Progeny.

An ARTIS unit, first seen in All Stars, can also be seen.

Episodic AppearancesEdit


  • According to Bully, the apartment number, as stated by Onipex, is 10E.
Krone klbgt

Krone's apartment redesigned for christmas

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