Larnuu Works
KMB of Larnuu Works
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Single
Larnuu Works is an umbrella term for two voice actors who together voice the Bellini Bros.



KMB in Twice & Bone

KMB in Twice & Bone

The main creator of Larnuu Works. His own videos inspired the non-canon video In Memoriam while his fanmade episode Room Mate, was actually referenced in canon. He also produced Room Mate 2, and appeared as a character in Twice & Bone, where he was voiced by Ids5621.

Rabid RadioEdit

Rabid Radio is the co-producer of Larnuu Works and the brother of KMB. He is sometimes referred to as Gorag and Tropical Snowman, his other usernames.

Characters PlayedEdit


  • He was initially intended to appear in Jevik?, however his role was given to Toa Jalokim.

External Links​Edit

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