Leresh's Apartment
Leresh's Apartment 1
Leresh's apartment as seen in Jevik? Pt 2
Residents N/A
Use Residence
Status Destroyed

Leresh's Apartment was Leresh's place of residence until it was destroyed by Magneon in Jevik? Pt 3.



There were two different bedrooms seen in the house, Yeq's and Jevik's.
Yeq's Bedroom

Yeq in his bedroom.


Leresh's kitchen was fully furnished with a table and two chairs, stove, fridge, and a boom box.
Leresh's Kitchen

Jevik, Pyrex, and Leresh standing in the kitchen.

Living RoomEdit

Leresh's living room connected directly to his kitchen. It appeared to have a large TV, a table, and possibly a couch.

Former ResidentsEdit



  • This is the first single apartment in the series to have more than one resident with five residents.

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