Mexican Prune Puffs
Jevik with mexican prune puffs
Vital statistics
Function Nourishment
Status Edible

Mexican Prune Puffs are a food product found in the series The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals. Strangely, they are neither Mexican, prune-flavored, or puffy, and are closer to gummy sweets. The Mexican Prune Puffs appear to be fairly popular, and are enjoyed by a number of characters, though some (such as Aliki) have a noticeable dislike for them.

Details Edit

Mexican Prune Puffs are shaped gummy sweets varying in shades of green to blue. They are sold in clear, plastic boxes (as seen in Bully), or in clear tubes (as seen in Aliki). In "Double Date", it is mentioned that they also come in diet varieties.


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