Mushroom Man is a Matoran character who spoke to Garen while he was filming Jevik once when they were in high school.


He seems like a very easy to impress person, as he was shocked that Jevik was able to stand on one leg.


Nothing is known about Mushroom Man other than that he either attended or worked at the same high-school as Jevik and Garen in New Tehktra.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.


Mushroom Man and Garen's past goes far back until at least high school, though from Mushroom Man's end the relationship seems rather reluctant.

Mushroom Man has not made any significant relations with any other of the characters in the series.


Appearances for Mushroom Man


  • His name is not officially referenced, but he's been referred to as Mushroom Man after production.
  • His existence is considered non-canon by Ids5621, meaning he's likely Garen's hallucination.

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