"Police Chief" is not an official name.
It may have been referenced by ids5621 as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but has no official basis.

SAM 5411

The Officer is an unnamed law enforcement official seen in Jevik? Pt 3.


He was rather gruff and to the point, and does not take what he sees as nonsense seriously.


He was stern but proactive and was eager to take on the case presented by Onipex. He was however quick to dismiss what he saw as a non-issue and was quickly angered.


  • Aagerds was originally cast to play this role, though due to a lapse in judgement on the part of Ids5621, he assumed the role was unrecorded, and thus performed it himself for quick release.
    • This is probably largely due to the extensive production window of Jevik? Pt 3.


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