Poxxu is a whiny character in The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals.


Poxxu thinks himself sensible, but often ends up being a negative nancy, and is constantly arguing with his friends who are quite the opposite.


One day, the Matoran was approached by Podan, who had discovered a mask that he had dubbed a "fluffing crab".  Poxxu is not amused and points out that it's a mask rather than a crab, but Podan is unconvinced. He unexpectedly tells Poxxu to kiss the "crab", but his friend immediately declines. Podan insistently tries to get Poxxu to kiss it, and suggests that he doesn't want to because he has crabs himself. Poxxu immediately denies the claim, and continues in his resolve not to kiss the mask. Finally Podan shoves the mask in Poxxu's face in order to make him kiss it by force, but only ends up cutting his friend down with the sharp edges of the headwear, possibly killing him. 

After recovering from his injury, Poxxu bought a hammer at a cheap price from the Tehktra Market. He later meets with Podan, and sees that he too has a hammer. Poxxu suggested that they could both be "Hammer buddies". Podan told Poxxu that he didn't want anyone thinking they have anything in common. Podan showed both hammers to Procks, asking which one was better, and Procks stated that Poxxu's was better. Poxxu then reveals to Podan that he also bought a crab-like mask at the market, similar to the one Podan slashed him with before. Podan then tells Poxxu he wants to fight him in real life. Poxxu explains that they are in "real life", and Podan just stares at him. Poxxu flips up his middle finger, and Podan calls him out for it.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.

Podan and Poxxu watching fireworks


Poxxu tries to be friends with this Matoran, but Podan's constant rude and inappropriate remarks really confuse and annoy him. Despite this, he is shown in New Years Kiss to have romantic feelings for Podan, though they are not reciprocated. After Podan and Procks moved from Agrav to New Tehktra, Poxxu lost contact with them.


The two matoran are friends, though Procks is not so rude to him, unlike Podan. He did however scoff at Poxxu when arguing with Podan, though supported Poxxu in the end. After Podan and Procks moved from Agrav to New Tehktra, Poxxu lost contact with them.

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