Number6 This article is about the real Santa Claus. For the impersonators, see Mall Santa.
Santa Claus is a Matoran character who was frustrated that Garen destroyed his sleigh.


In his appearance he was very annoyed and angry since Garen had destroyed his sleigh. However, after the two indulged in smoking together, he seemed to mellow out and get along.


Initially he kidnapped Garen and Zeb for destroying his sleigh, bringing them to his workshop in the North Pole intending to punish them for ruining Christmas. However, after he and Garen indulged in smoking, he forgot about it and Christmas was effectively cancelled that year.

Santa was later called upon by, his now friend, Garen who needed his help to locate Jevik. However, before he could assist, his home was raided and he was arrested.


WARNING: The following is conjecture and is an interpretation of the canon found in the episodes.


Santa was initially infuriated with Garen due to him destroying his property and jeopardising Christmas. However after Garen promised to make it up to him, the two got high together, and the pair became friendly.

Their friendship was shown to continue into Jevik? Pt 3, with Garen calling him for help.



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