The Camera Pt 1
Season N/A, Episode N/A
First Aired June 9, 2012
Writer(s) Ids5621
"The Camera Pt 2"
The Camera Pt 1 is the seventeenth episode of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals and the first Misadventure. Though it's not considered an actual episode, as it isn't part of any season, it is still canon. Chronologically, it happens after the events of Tan.

Episode SynopsisEdit

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Krone is seen at No Man's Land talking with his mother. She apparently has been hit by a bus, though Krone brushes her off, telling her that he is too busy. He then notices Jevik in a barrel of Toxic waste. Krone asks him why he is there, and he states he is bored and that Onipex is at the hospital.

The scene cuts to a flashback where the Doctor states that Onipex does not have a tan, angering him.

Upon Jevik's asking, Krone reveals that he is at No Man's Land to dispose of an old video camera, and offers to give it to Jevik, who accepts. He then reminds Jevik that he is sitting in a toxic waste barrel before handing the camera over and leaving.


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  • This episode happens shorty after the events of Tan, and thus Onipex is still in a burnt state.