The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals: The Comics is a comic series spin-off of The Misadventures of Onipex and Pals created by Ids5621. It consists of small strips, of three panels minimum, and are considered canon. Like the main series, it revolves around Onipex and Jevik.

After "Robber", the comics went into semi-inactivity, only being updated sporadically. Plenty of comic-style art continued to be produced on Ids5621's deviantART, however. As they continued on, the art style was updated to coincide with the Misadventoons style, and the flow of the strips became more freeform. Starting with "Phone" the comics became black and white instead of fully colored.

Strip #1: ProblemsEdit


Strip #2: FriesEdit


Strip #3: RobberEdit





SAM 1940

Strip #4: JampotEdit

Jampot by ids5621-d5d5lwj

Misadventoon: Coffee Edit

See "Coffee"

Strip #5: Hallowspleen Edit


Misadventoon: Why no-one attends Katron's parties Edit

See "Why no-one attends Katron's parties"

Strip #6: Shiteoh Edit


Strip #7: Call Edit


Strip #8: Paste Edit


Misadventoon: Rice & Phone Edit

See "Rice & Phone"

Strip #9: Phone Edit

Comic panel 1Comic panel 2

Comic panel 3

Misadventoon: Nice & Clone Edit

See "Nice & Clone"

Misadventoon: Twice & Bone Edit

See "Twice & Bone"

Characters Edit

Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit



  • In "Problems" there are some art errors. Onipex's arms colors are flipped, and in the third frame, Jevik and Onipex's thumbs are on the wrong side of their hands.
  • "Hallowspleen" is the only comic so far given some sort of time frame within the continuity.
  • "Robber" and "Phone" have the most frames out of all the comics.

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