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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive

MaksDudekVA (formerly known as Toa Jalokim) is a voice actor in "Jevik?"


MaksDudekVA was young when he became a fan of Bionicle in late 2004. Over the years he became very passionate about the product's storyline, and in 2010, he started his own YouTube channel to post fanmade Bionicle Stopmotions.

After following major biotubers for the past few years, 2012 saw MaksDudekVA having a breakthrough when he got the role of Kerog in Larnuu's Gako and Rio. Since then, MaksDudek went on to appear in various content created by the Misadventures Cast & Crew.

In late 2013, MaksDudek had begun to stray away from Voice Acting for Bionicle related videos, abd instead branching out to work for other projects. New interests and a lack of motivation stopped him from making Bionicle stopmotions, and as such his YouTube channel was rarely active throughout 2014 and 2015.

Despite not making proper Bionicle videos during that time, MaksDudekVA was still active in the Bionicle Community in other ways. The voice actor would build MOCs from time to time, but primarily wrote Bionicle fan-fiction. The most noteworthy project that he started work on during his "hiatus" was Outcasts of Okoto. The project was started by him and two colleagues to celebrate Bionicle's reboot in 2015. At this current point in time, MaksDudek has taken over as the head writer and director of the series.

After a couple years of voice acting for other people in different fandoms (and even the odd original project), MaksDudekVA received an invite to join the Channel Frederator Network. This motivated him to reinvent his YouTube channel into a multi-fandom voice acting channel, as opposed to the Bionicle stopmotion channel it was originally intended to be. Despite the official change, Bionicle content will still be made, albeit in the form of Audio and the occasional comic dub.

In 2016, MaksDudekVA plans to release the pilot episode of the Outcasts of Okoto audio drama, as well as song covers and comic dubs related to many fandoms, though the two that will be prominent are Bionicle and MLP.

Characters Played In MisadventuresEdit

  • A yoga instructor in "Jevik?"