As you can plainly see, its September and there is no "Jevik? Pt 3". The simple truth is that its not coming. Its not ready, and that's just the fact of the matter. I'd like to put it out....but its simply not physically possible. Now allow me to cover my ass:

My plan was to bang this out over the summer, and believe you me I tried. But (as they always say) I have a life. I hate how douchey that statement always sounds. Basically I was working a job over the summer, and unlike I had anticipated, it took far too much of my time along with social things and other stuff. I literally make more money in one week than like in a whole year of YouTube, so you can't really blame me. It sucks being small and stinky in this community. I'm no CallanLoF with like 10K people supporting me. Regardless, I been trying my hardest on this around stuff (more than someone my age should be dealing with toys) and have about 60-70% complete. You must understand- this shit is pretty massive. Even with the big animation cutbacks, its still a lot. Jevik? Pt 2 was 20mins remember? I apologize for promising you guys a date. That in itself damned the project. The situation isn't ideal, but it literally cannot come out now. I return to Uni on the 17th and it most probably will not be done by then. Now this is how things are going to proceed:

I will continue animating as much as I can until the 17th. And then after that, while at Uni (obviously not as a priority) I will continue editing. Every time I am home (which should be at the start of November for a week, then around Christmas) I will work on it like a dog, and hopefully by the end of the year it will be done. It may come out sooner if circumstances change, and honestly if I can get all the animation done before the 17th I can do that editing at Uni and have it out by the month's end (though this is pretty unlikely being 100% honest). This is the best I can promise, and for those you are mad....I'm sorry, but remember- its a video about toys :P. Just kidding, its clearly more than that hahaa. On the bright side, pushing this back (again) will make it so that the series is past the 5 year threshold. Soon this crappy series will be half a decade old. Hooray.

.....and for those who are really pissed about this not coming out now, will another Imutii episode tide you over? I-I'll do one, I swear to god I'll do one.

Once more, sorry. It'll come out when it can. Life is a bitch, and so is that skinny pink lump.

--Ids 5621 2 23:02, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

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