First off, I would like to say, I'm very impressed with the work that CapLagcreep has been putting into this project, aswell as the designs that larnuu has been creating. I am very invested to see this project come into fruition and very exicted that such a project even exists! But perhaps its time I made a contribution.

This is just an idea for the plot of the game, and clearly this is will have to be altered considering the game mechanics and background design etc, but when CapLagCreep asked for plot suggestions I had this rough idea in mind:

  • Frank has escaped from jail and has kidnapped Katron. You would play as either Onipex or Jevik to attempt to get them back.

Do you guys think this is a feasible plot goal of the game? Maybe other characters could be met to find clues (maybe Krone, Myto, Pyrex etc), and perhaps there would be henchmen for Frank.

I realise this is a very rough idea, and it really depends how th game would play, but I'd like to know. Do you guys like idea? Does it sound feasible?

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