I'm a big fan of the series and I find it very clever. But I know there are some episodes that need a brush-up and really shouldn't have been released *cough* Pizza Anyone? *cough.* I'm not being mean, but that episode contributes to nothing.

I'm extremely creative and can't stop bouncing around about stuff that I want to do. And right now, I want to create my own scripts for the series. Yeah, I know, seems weird. Well first off, I always love seeing something that needs improving and then imagining it as something I fixed. So...I want to create a blog that contains the script for my version of Pizza Anyone. And if I feel desperate enough, or if nobody minds if I do, I'll even go so far to make scripts for my made-up episodes.

IT'S LIKE I'M THE CO-DIRECTOR. Of course I can't do anything with the scene creating and stuff, but I just love getting involved with stuff I like. I must get involved. I guess I like being noticed as the guy who created that. SO needless to say, I like people saying, "You remember that guy K-leb25?" "Yeah he's awesome."

Call me greedy or arrogant, but it's just me :D ...ME! So yeah, script creating. I find it really cool. It's like writing a book, except your gonna actually make a scene out of it. Not to mention, you don't have to write down "WOW" words like a cement layer.

So, stay in tune as I will create another blog with a script for Pizza Anyone? that I improved. I hope nobody minds if I do this ;)

File:I'm Creative.jpg

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